Pineapple Glazed Ham

CF ID: Barb1

Born on January 1st, I never had a choice of what I wanted for dinner. I
resented the fact that my three brothers could choose their dinner on their
birthday, but I was locked in on the same dinner every year. Well guess
what, I still make the same dinner even tho I am now cooking for my own
family and they love it. I do to!!!!

brown sugar
can of sliced pineapples in juice
tooth picks
1 canned Hormel Black Label Ham
1/4 stick of butter melted

1.Open Ham, this can be a little difficult, that metal pully just is a real
pain to attach to key type thing and pull off. Usually we end up prying off
the lid. Make sure you save the juice if you have to pry off lid. It will
spill out if you don't after a small part of lid is open.
2. Put ham in shallow baking dish. I use my glass 9x11 cake dish.
3. Open pineapples and pour juice in with the juice you saved from the ham.
Then place the pineapples single layer all over the ham. Holding them on
with the toothpicks.
4. Mix brown sugar, melted butter, ham juice and pineapple juice together to
form a syrupy mixture. Pour over the ham.
Cook ham according to directions on can. Different size hams have different
temperature and cook times. Just make sure the ham looks a little
overcooked. It seems like the longer it cooks the better it taste.
5. Serve with mashed potatoes, frozen corn, and rolls.
You will love it and so will your family.


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